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My Background

I bought my first camera about 15 years ago and then thought, "What should I concentrate my Photography on?"

Living near Arrow Valley Lake in Redditch, birds seemed like an obvious choice.

Birding and Learning.

My interest in Birding started as a child when my Grandad used to take me for walks and point out all of the different birds in the Warwickshire countryside.

Many years later it was time to start all over again!

Luckily on one of my many walks around Arrow Valley Lake, I bumped into Roy, a very knowledgeable Bird Watcher and Photographer.

The hobby had started and I am still learning today.

I owe a lot to Roy and also to Mark (another regular around the Lake) for their knowledge and patience.

Sharing Knowledge

My aim, through this website, is to help people of all levels enjoy the pleasure of Bird watching and photography.

I welcome your input. If you would like to see your photos on here please e-mail:

Include your name so that we can credit you. If you would like us to promote your website please include this.

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